What our customers says



Cynthia Allen
V.P. Customer Service at Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage

“If you want a PERFECT person to handle your product- Jose is to person you should select. PROFESSIONAL -POLITE & PROMPT”

Charles McDaniel
President and CEO at Hilldrup
Jose is a true professional who understands the importance of serving his many customers. He consistently delivers the level of quality service that is expected and deserved. Accountability and performance are the foundations of his business model. I was both proud and grateful to have Jose as an important team member at my company.
June 8, 2016


“Exclusive Carrier for Specialized Transport of Trade Show Exhibits, Blanket Wrap Products & Electronics”

Lucy and I thank our customers for their positive remarks. LG will continue to exceed the expectations of our clients. Your comments make clear that our attention to your exhibit needs do not go unrecognized. Thank you for your confidence and business. Even the larger carriers call us when transportation issues are not an option.

“I absolutely loved Jose and his wife Lucy. They coordinated everything very well.”

— Stephen S.

“Jose and Lucy were Excellent!”

— Patricia M.

“Jose was professional and courteous”

— Astrid R.

“Jose and Lucy are rock stars, and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They were incredibly professional, efficient, and caring of my schedule, my household goods, and me. If I could have given them ratings of 6 instead of 5, I would have!”

— Lisa P.H.

“Couldn’t have asked for better care and service. Jose and Lucy are terrific. Jose and Lucy are top of the list, this is a difficult job and I was so impressed with how calm and cordial everyone was throughout; not just with me but with each other.”

— Katherine L.

“Jose, our driver, was fantastic. He was a great guy to work with and made the move enjoyable for us.”

— Chris and Cori G.


— Drew P.

“Jose and Lucy Williams did an excellent job of regrouping after it was discovered that his truck couldn’t get to the house. They were exceptional in managing the delivery process as well.”

— June O.

“Jose and Lucy — definitely would recommend!”

— Casey M.

-Randy Rantz, Senior Vice President of Operations, Hilldrup Companies

“Lyons Gate, Jose, and Lucy were very friendly and pleasant to work with.”

— Lance M.